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Social impact

Empowering communities through purposeful action! 


Explore our page to discover how our unwavering commitment to social involvement is shaping a brighter future. 


Join us on the journey of positive impact – because together, we make a difference that truly matters.




Expenses in EUR

Last update: 31 december 2023


Piggy bank in EUR

For every paid invoice, we donate 10% of the invoice amount to a social initiative. You can follow our balance sheet live above.

In addition to monetary donations, we also make a physical contribution by rolling up our sleeves. As a customer or partner of Sustate, you are always welcome with us.



By donating to nurseries that focus on growing tropical trees for reforestation, we contribute to the conservation of existing rainforest and the restoration of degraded areas. This contributes to the conservation of biodiversity and helps capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Clean drinking water

Providing portable filters and buckets for fresh drinking water in areas where availability is scarce is a worthwhile effort. This can improve the health of communities and help prevent diseases caused by polluted water. It is important to implement this assistance sustainably, taking into account local conditions and the maintenance of the filters and buckets.


Local economy

By involving local communities in sustainable activities such as ecotourism, craft production and environmentally friendly agriculture, they can find a sustainable source of income while protecting the rainforest. It is important to find a balance between economic growth and nature conservation.

Wild animals rehabilitation

The rehabilitation and rehabilitation of wildlife, such as orangutans, is essential for the conservation of endangered species. Shelters and rehabilitation programs allow orphaned, injured or seized animals to be cared for and prepared for a possible return to their natural habitat. It is important that these programs are based on scientific insights and that they work with local communities to promote the protection of animals and their habitat.


Do you have an initiative that we are not yet involved in, but which fits in perfectly with our focus? Let us know!

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