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Welcome to our portfolio page, where we proudly showcase the impactful work we've undertaken in guiding clients through sustainable strategy decision-making. Explore the success stories of previous clients who entrusted us with steering them towards environmentally conscious and socially responsible choices. Discover how our expertise has shaped sustainable strategies, leaving a positive imprint on both businesses and the planet. 

Sustainability is a difficult topic for many companies, which is why we like to treat our customers confidentially about their efforts in this area.

Forest Trees


Carbon credits

A leading player in the retail industry decided to take a more sustainable course. We did this by exchanging traditional raw materials for an honest carbon credit reputation. Instead of limiting ourselves to purchasing carbon credits, we implemented a transparent carbon reporting process to avoid greenwashing. This initiative not only drove positive environmental performance, but also created trust among stakeholders through the tangible results of their sustainability decisions.


Transparant chains

Strategic changes at a clothing manufacturer to improve production efficiency and transparency in response to new regulatory requirements. This resulted in a 20% reduction in transport costs, a new supplier that prioritizes human rights and promoting the local economy. Without an increase in purchasing or supply chain costs.

Recycled Clothes


Efficient water use

The challenge of rising water costs and access to clean drinking water for a dairy company. By recycling 60% of water within the chain, a more efficient water chain was achieved. On top of that, we are creating a water source in a third world country, where water is sold to international companies and clean drinking water is made available for free to the local population. This combines recycling, cost reduction and social reputation more efficiently.


Energy use

At this consumer goods company, we implemented a holistic approach to improving energy efficiency. By integrating advanced technologies such as energy-efficient equipment, smart lighting systems and optimization of production processes, we have not only reduced the ecological footprint but also reduced operational costs. This sustainable approach not only demonstrates corporate social responsibility, but also provides economic benefits for the company.

Solar Panels on Trees
Dog Lover


Reducing emissions by 30%

Implemented a cutting-edge sustainable trajectory in animal food production, achieving a remarkable 30% reduction in CO2 emissions. Our innovative approach captures CO2, transforming it into a high-nutrition ingredient for this manufacturer’s premium line, while efficiently converting the CO2 waste into valuable fertilizer.


Waste flows

In the food industry we have integrated an efficient waste recycling system into the production process. Through strict separation of organic waste, packaging and other materials, we have not only reduced the amount of waste, but also optimized recycling options. This has not only promoted environmentally conscious production, but also achieved cost savings and a positive impact on the company image.

Recycling Cardboard
Planet Made of Plastic


Sustainable reputation

A leading international company, with our help, developed strategies to positively leverage their significant profits. Together we have implemented programs that have an impact both locally and internationally, reducing the environmental footprint and boosting the local economy and prosperity. We have helped protect rainforests by working with a reforestation organization. With 25% of net profits we were able to provide educational opportunities to local farmers in third world countries, enabling sustainable change.

Are you next?

What will your unique strategy bring?

Many companies, including the above, have already taken the step towards a more sustainable future.

Inspired by their stories? Discover what we can do for your company and contact us quickly!

Cave Hiker
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